About Us

In a few words

Hello! Our names are Katana (left) and Brian (right). We started dating in high school and went to college together with the intent of starting our own business. Katana went to school for photography and Brian went for video production. Together, we make the perfect team!

We have been working as professional content creators in Illinois for nearly a decade and founded our business in July of 2019. We started out with real-estate and gradually moved into the direction of events, then to couples shoots, and now weddings!

About Our Work

In a few words

We love creating lasting memories for other people, and have shot for almost every kind of client you could think of. From weddings and cinematic scenery, to school events, birthday parties, and real estate, we've got it covered. No matter what type of shoot you are looking for, our goal is to make the entire process as smooth and comfortable as possible, while capturing you at your best.